To provide affordable wholistic quality health care appropriate to the needs of our clients by a team of committed caring professional striving to achieve excellence in service through a research driven environment.

Our Services

Patient Services

Our aim is to provide patient care facilities inclusive of inpatient beds, allied care facilities, diagnostic and laboratory services, and inpatient and outpatient surgical services that exceed international standards. We continue to provide these services to our patients and continuously strive to improve our product.

Physician Services

We recognize Physicians as one of our key stakeholders and the important role they play in the delivery of care to patients. We aim to provide safe and technologically advanced facilities for physicians to care for their patients.

Physicians Alliance Limited

Through a public-private partnership Physicians Alliance Limited manages the Private Wards and Private Operating Theatres of The Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas.

This partnership has flourished and model successes have been achieved and key service goals include:


We strive to provide a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for our patients to recover and for our staff to work. Our maintenance and physical development teams are charged with maintaining high standards and proactively addressing infrastructure concerns.

We care for our patients

Our healthcare professionals are charged with providing best practice medical treatments and service while maintaining a caring touch. Our patient satisfaction exit surveys indicate that our patients largely agree that the care received is of a high standard.


Our team is our most important asset and we recognize their high value and importance. We continuously provide training opportunities for them to enhance their skills, enhance their benefit structure, and do all we can to ensure their success. Doing this will continue to enhance the success of the organization.


Recognizing the interests of all stakeholders is key to the symbiotic relationship enjoyed in this public-private partnership. Communication and input from all stakeholders is welcomed and factored into all decisions.

All stakeholders are a part of the process through their representatives and their input factored. This has enhanced the continued support of our facilities as the needs of our internal customer is continuously met.


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