Selective Privatization

The Objectives of Selective Privatization of the Private Surgical and Obstetrical Suites were defined as:

To improve the quality of medical care to all Bahamians via the Princess Margaret Hospital;

• For the Physicians Alliance group to provide all the necessary capital, management and supervision of all project development and provide a turn key operation;

• The advancement of a selected service was to be implemented and completed
without any capital cost to the Government; this was fundamental to the philosophy of selective privatization;

• To empower a team of business, medical and Para-medical professionals to operate and manage all Private Ward services;

• To provide quality, “modern” health care services at minimum cost to patients
recognizing the public health system’s mandate to subsidize the public institution
health care, guaranteeing that no one will be denied care due to an inability to

• To ensure that any profits derived would be shared equally by the public sector
and the Physicians Alliance group;

• That all accounts would be audited annually and reported on by a certified accounting firm.

Physicians Alliance has successfully achieved these objectives in conjunction with the Princess Margaret Hospital Management team as annual evaluations and financial reports attest.

Selective Privatization’s Achievements

  • Improved quality of delivery of the private health care services
  • Improved ambiance and hospital environment
  • Research model for efficiency and improvement of health care services
    Improved patient satisfaction
  • Generated more employment and income for Private Duty nursing
  • Generated more employment and income for Government Registered Nurses,
    anesthetic assistants and housekeeping staff
  • Improved satisfaction and morale of hospital staff
  • Provided employment for Bahamians in the hospital without any additional
    cost to the Government, namely; nursing, housekeeping, dietary, maintenance
    and patient escort services
  • State-of-the-art medical technology and services for both public and private patients
  • Quality care at no cost for indigent patients
  • Increased revenue to the Public treasury
  • Continuing medical, nursing and allied health education funding and initiatives
  • Public Health Education Programme – Weekly Radio Show
  • Increased physician satisfaction
  • Increased availability of operating facilities for public patients
  • Reserve services and supplementary services for the public patient population
  • Financial accountability and transparency to the government and public
  • Administrators, Physician and Nursing management symbiosis
  • A PMH Foundation Sponsor
  • More scheduled OR time available for Private and Public Patients
  • Availability of the Private OR for Public Patient’s emergency cases